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Mass Murderer Stalin: International Advertising Spokesman

Stalin is in advertising for a Greek rock music radio station.

According to an Associated Press report,"Stalin 'pay your bills' billboard removed," dated March 26, 2007, "Authorities in an eastern Ukrainian city took down billboards and ended television advertisements on Monday featuring Soviet dictator Josef Stalin exhorting residents to pay their utility bills on time after protests from rights groups and nationalists."

Stalin: "Those who don't pay for their heat should be punished!"

The AP report also stated, "One billboard shows Stalin holding a piece of paper and saying 'Comrades! This isn't a film! This is life!' In the television ad, Stalin is shown in grainy black-and-white footage being applauded by hundreds of party members as a dubbed-over voice says: 'Those who don't pay for their heat should be punished!' "

"Irina Taran, a spokeswoman for the governing council in Donetsk," continues the AP report, "said dozens of billboards featuring Stalin appeared in the city last week; television advertisements featuring old film clips of the Soviet leader also appeared. Ukrainian media reported that the mayor's office initiated the move, but then backed down in the face of protests."

According to the AP report, "Donetsk mayoral officials could not be reached for comment, but one utility official told Russia's NTV television that the company was struggling with a serious backlog of unpaid bills."

"Stalin is used here not as a historical personality, but more as a symbol of inevitable punishment. Failure to pay for one's (utility) services is a serious wrongdoing," said Alexander Semchenko, deputy chief of the Donetsk City Heating Network Company, who was quoted in the AP report.

The history of Ukraine includes the 1930s famine instigated by Stalin that caused the deaths of over three million Ukrainians.

Stalin: "I bless America for Rock 'n Roll"

The Inspiration Room
, in an article dated March 14, 2007, reports that a Greek radio station has employed Stalin as spokesman for its "All music, no dogma" advertising campaign. The Great Leader, with a puffy Elvis Presley hairdo and sideburns, says, "I bless America for Rock 'n Roll." The radio station also used the services of Adolf Hitler, who, sporting an "afro" hair style, says, "Black people are the future of music." The "All music, no dogma" campaign would not be complete without the services of Mao Zedung, who tells us, “Hard Rock is the Real Cultural Revolution."

Stalin "wrote romantic poetry"

The Russian government’s English-language overseas news network, Russia Today, wants you to make them your preferred source for cable and satellite news, according to FISHBOWLNY. To that end, they recruited a new celebrity for their advertising: Josef Stalin. In a series of ads promoting the network, Russia Today tells us, "STALIN WROTE ROMANTIC POETRY. Did you know this?"

Between the extermination of the kulaks, the genocide of the Ukranians, the exile of an entire generation of intellectuals to labor camps, the brutal invasion of the Baltics, the planned genocide of Russia’s Jews, his iron-fisted rule of Eastern Europe and the massive deportations to Central Asia, Russia Today would like to let you know that in his free time, he was tip-toeing through the tulips, smelling flowers, and sitting under a tree penning romantic poetry.

Getting "intimate" with Stalin

Two beautiful young women are smiling and kissing an older man with a moustache wearing a smoking jacket. Yes, it's Stalin. The Golden Drum reports that he is promoting the "Museum of Communism" in Prague, Czech Republic. And this is a polished job done by an international ad agency: Young & Rubicam Praha (Prague). The slogan "Get Intimate with History, Museum of Communism" is in a Soviet-style pin with a golden wreath and a red flag. The other two famous communists in the campaign are V. Lenin and Karl Marx.

Stalin is "like Coca-Cola"

"He's like a brand. It's like Coca-Cola," said Alexander Lyubimov, executive director of Russia's Rossiya TV station, as he discussed former Soviet dictator/mass murderer Josef Stalin. He was the early leader in an internet poll to name Russia's greatest hero. This was in a report by Paula Zargaj-Reynolds in Advertising is Good for You.


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  1. When it comes to choosing an advertising spokesman I think I would choose someone other than a notorious dictator who was responsible for the deaths of millions. While they may be memorable and historic, I don't believe they represent any message that we would like to express to customers today.

  2. Not one step backwards. (Ne Odin Shag Nazad) To the red army when the germans were in Moscow. I think of this whenever I am faced with anything bigger than me. Yes it is true that Stalin was a dictater. But any leader of men will have that ability to teach others how to stand their ground no matter how many times defeated in the past. Very many leaders of nations have blood on their hands in one form or another ,my beloved USA is no exception. M.B.


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