Monday, October 17, 2011

You Want A Revolution? Occupy Wall Street Movement

By Eric Brothers

A specter is haunting America. The specter of revolution.

The jackals and hyenas on Wall Street, in the banking industry, at the Federal Reserve, and in the government are laughing at America! They grab everything they can and crap all over the good people of America! Through the giant propaganda machine that is controlled by the U.S. government and these giant corporations, they are trying to sooth and comfort people who won’t swallow the big lie any longer! A revolution is brewing.

A social-political movement is beginning to grow, a movement of despair, a movement of frustration, a movement of hope. This movement includes every political, ethnic, and economic segment of our society. This will be a movement of true CHANGE, not the bogus ‘change’ of President Obama and his weaselly advisers and Congress.

The media has begun to say that the anti-Wall Street Movement protests are “anti-capitalist.” Considering all of the rewarding of failed banks and auto companies, it would be safe to say that capitalism--as we know it--is dead.

"capitalism--as we know it--is dead"

Perhaps if capitalism had been left to its own devices, there would be no need for such a movement. In real capitalism, companies are allowed to fail. Upon failing, other investors and companies come in and start to rebuild on what is left of the failed companies. But not in the world of the 21st century! When GM and Chrysler failed, and failed miserably, their CEOs went to Washington with their hands out begging to be helped. And what did the government do? Hand these losers--yes, losers!--billions of dollars of tax-payers money.

And the banks who failed miserably were also given big, fat gifts. Those giant corporations who put us in the housing mess in the first place--in collaboration with the Federal Reserve--have been rewarded by being given billions to save their sorry asses. And what do they do? Hold onto the money they are given and charge monstrous interest rates to people who can’t pay off their credit card debt because jobs are not to be found because of the grievous errors of the banking industry. A revolution is brewing.

A specter is haunting America. The specter of revolution.

Is Fed chairman Bernenke giving us the finger?

The ‘Federal Reserve‘--which, dear Americans, is not ‘Federal’ but a series of private banks that make profits in the multi-billion dollar range each and every year--also made their contribution to this wonderful mess we have. For several years the ‘Federal Reserve’ made borrowing money so easy with very low interest rates, that everybody who had a job and $100 in the bank was buying houses and flipping them within a year. The ‘Fed’ did that because the banks, including their own Federal Reserve banks, were making money hand over fist by handing out money to anyone who asked. And the stock market was scaling new heights. Everybody on the food chain was making money.

But it was a phony economy based upon speculation, greed, and corruption--and the players knew all along that it would crash down like a house of cards. Who were the players? Wall Street, the ‘Federal Reserve,’ the banking industry, and the government. You see, when unemployment benefits run out and Congress is asked to extend them, that is considered entitlement spinning out of control. But when GM goes belly up--they are handed tax-payer money--and it is explained through American propaganda that it is good for the economy and will save jobs.

The bottom line is that anything will be done to help a failing company but absolutely nothing will be done to help a failing family. So when protesters demand free health care, free education, and guaranteed employment, it is exactly what the Congress, Federal Reserve, banking industry and Wall Street already have had all along! A revolution is brewing.

What form will this revolution take? I guess that we'll just have to wait to find out.

Copyright (C) Eric Brothers 2011. All Rights Reserved.