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Pedophiles Gone Wild: the Child Brides of Islam

It all began when the prophet Mohammad married the 6-year-old 'Aisha.  According to the Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 65, “Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old.”  Ever since then, thousands upon thousands of Muslim men have taken little girls as young as seven years old to be their wives.

Thousands of Yemeni women demonstrate to allow young girls to marry

The issue of child brides came to a head in Yemen last year, where a quarter of the women marry before they reach 15. Legislation was proposed to ban the marriage of girls and boys under the ages of 17 and 18 respectively.

According to a report on IslamTribune.com thousands of Yemeni women--their faces covered in veils-- demonstrated their opposition to the proposed ban. The women held banners saying, “don’t ban what Allah made permissible” and “stop violating Islamic sharia law in the name of rights and freedoms.”

“We consider those who call for limiting marriage age by law as enemies of Allah, his prophet and us,” said one of the women protesters.

 In this video a Muslim man in Afghanistan publicly flogs his 14-year-old wife for "running away" from him.

12-year-old dies during childbirth and 8-year-old had marriage annulled

In 2009, a child marriage in Yemen became international news when a 12-year-old and her baby died in childbirth. A different case in Yemen also became news worldwide when a 30-year-old man’s marriage to an eight-year-old girl was annulled.

Young girls in Afghan prison for “illegal sexual relations”--including rape victims

The situation of young girls in Afghanistan is desperate. The prison in Lashkar Gah holds female “prisoners” who were forcibly married to older men. One of them is Saliha, a shy 15-year-old who giggled nervously when asked questions by reporter Terri Judd of The Independent. Saliha is serving a seven-year sentence in the medieval-looking prison. Married off as a young girl, he husband was abusive. She saw no way out and ran away with a boy from her village. Thus she was convicted of escaping from home and illegal sexual relations. Two-thirds of the women in the prison were convicted of illegal sexual relations- whether they were raped or had consensual sex.

Colonel Ghulam Ali, a high-ranking security officer in Afghanistan, defended the right to convict rape victims. “In Afghanistan, whether or not it is forced or not forced, it is a crime because the Islamic rules say that it is.”

A 47-year-old man was married to an 8-year-old girl.  The father of the girl gave her to his friend. 

Zirdana given to husband when she was seven years old

Another prisoner, Zirdana, 25, is holding her 5-year-old son’s arm to show the festering wound surrounded with flies. She was handed over to her husband when she was seven as a partial payment for a debt. When she was 11 she gave birth to her first child and was pregnant with her fourth when her husband disappeared. She was accused and convicted of his murder. Her three older children were taken away from her by her brother-in-law.
A report compiled in 2008, “Taking Stock: Afghan Women and Girls Seven Year On” revealed, according to The Independent, that violent attacks on women in the home are at very high levels: “87 percent of women complain of such abuse, and half of it is sexual.” Over 60% of all marriages are forced upon the girls and 57% of brides are under 16. Many girls are given to men as payment for a debt or restitution for a crime.

Muslim Child brides being sponsored into Canada

A report in the Toronto Sun says, “Muslim men, who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, return to their homeland to wed a ‘child bride’ in an arranged marriage in which a dowry is given to the girl’s parents.” Canadian officials say that some of the brides are younger than 14 and are forced into their marriages. The countries named where this takes place include Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon. After the marriage, the husbands ‘sponsor’ their brides into Canada. William Hawke of immigration’s Permanent Resident Unit told the Toronto Sun that, “Sponsorship applications submitted for a spouse under 16 will be refused.”

60-year-old Saudi man “wins” 10-year-old girl in bet

The Al-Madina newspaper in Saudi Arabia reports that the father of a ten-year-old girl teased a 60-year-old man about being afraid of his current wife--and then dared him to marry someone else. The man took the bet and asked for the man’s ten-year-old daughter’s hand in marriage. It seems that the father could not retract the dare and accepted the proposal, requiring a 100,000 riyal dowry. The couple went so far as to have pre-marital testing. After protests from human rights groups, however, the marriage has been postponed.
A Saudi sociologist, Abdullah Al-Harbi told the Al-Madina newspaper that the father technically sells his daughter in cases like this. The groom-to-be pays a huge amount of money to marry a younger girl and “satisfy his sexual desires.”

Saudi girl attempts suicide to get out of marriage

A 16-year-old Saudi girl drank a bottle of bleach in a suicide attempt instead of marrying a 75-year-old man in Saudi Arabia. The girl named Shaikha reported that her father was exchanging her so he could marry the man’s 13-year-old daughter. The girl begged and pleaded not to be forced into such a marriage but neither man listened to her protestations. Shaikha contacted the National Society of Human Rights to help her. The girl’s mother said she should be protected from her father who threatened his daughter to marry the man in question.

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  1. Good. Men like girls.

    The Bible supports this kind of thing too, it talks of young/girl virgins being taken (raped) by a man (he just keep her and pays the father some money, kidnapping and rape of virgin girls so they will be your wife is fine in the OT law), moses's men taking women children, a man adopting a girl at a very young age, raising her and having her as his wife ... and God being angry that he was killed.

    Heaven for men. Now we live in woman's world so no more.

  2. When talking about a biblical time when the life expectancy was 40 at best and the world was not civilized this does not promote an excuse or acceptance. Using any kind of religious book for an excuse to abuse, rape and torchure is medieval and ignorant thinking in every possible way.

  3. I would like to correct some misunderstandings about the Old Testament. A rapist could be forced to marry his victim at the discretion of the victim's father. This sounds strange by modern standards, but it was meant to provide a home and livelihood for a woman in a society where non-virgins had a hard time marrying. If the rapist made her unmarriageable, it was his responsibility to provide for her. However, if the father felt that she would be better off not marrying the rapist, the father could certainly refuse on her behalf. Either way, the rapist had to pay a fine. If he married his victim, had no right of divorce. She and her children would be his responsibility for life. You can verify this at Deuteronomy 25:28.

  4. Correction to my post above, that should have been Deuteronomy 22:28-29.

  5. to whoever made that first reply. we don't live in medieval times. Get into the modern way of life and accept this change

  6. @reader/july 19th

    Nowadays in places like Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the VICTIM is forced to marry the RAPIST.

    Quite honestly - the way you mention would be more acceptable, at least there's some kind of choice involved. Nowadays, the choice is MARRY YOUR RAPIST, live in jail forever, kill yourself, or be honor killed.

  7. This is Horrific! Good men protect children, and women, they do not exploit them ... period because doing so is evil...your "religion" or your "god" telling you to abuse women and rape little children is a ridiculous excuse for psychopathic behaviour... get your head checked,and turn yourself in.

  8. what has the father got to do with anything, cant the child say what she wants, bible or no bible the fathers shouldnt say anything but the girl victims. and you say there is a choice, there is no choice cos the girls are not listened to when making those 'choices'

  9. just another example of what kind of animals this society condones

  10. Literate western man, who still advocates islam, is either gullible fool, or cynical coward, or sexist pig.

  11. Children are not meant to be sold or treated as property. All girls and women are worthy of love, respect and men who will love and protect them. The New Testament was an answer to the Old Testament. Jesus Christ is the answer the Old Testament was looking for. Look for Jesus yourself. Children are not for your sick sexual desires.


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