Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi, Libya's (Dead) Fashionista Dictator! (and the Zenga Zenga songs!)

Is it Superfly? Is it Shaft in Africa?  No, it's Muammar Gaddafi, who's dressed to thrill with his African dashiki and brightly designed super-sash and brown shades.

The cheerful Libyan leader sports a crisp white cotton shirt with a smart African motif.  The multi-colored design on his left side makes it seem as if he was awarded several military honors, but it is just the creative decoration of his costume designer (or perhaps a bar-code employed for entering his tent!).

"I am the Captain of the Pinafore, and a right good Captain, too!"  Here Gaddafi performs a lead role in Gilbert and Sullivan's light opera, H.M.S. Pinafore at Tripoli's largest community theater.

Here the brutal dictator favors earth tones in a decidedly chic North African "desert" look with just a touch of "Zorro."  Topped-off with a comfy black wool fez, he's ready to go to his private disco or run for cover from that pesky opposition!

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 For those freezing cold nights in the Libyan desert, Gaddafi favors a fur hat crafted of several extinct or nearly extinct warm and fluffy animals. Wearing a retro bomber jacket from the 70s with faux fur lining, he's ready to traipse off to New York and cruise Christopher Street!

Here's that Islamic "Hollywood" look that made Gaddafi famous in the first place.  The brown sunglasses give him that "don't mess with me" gangsta style that sets off his gold-green silk party outfit.  The stern looking military guard behind him complete the outfit. The matching fez gives him that youthful look that the Libyan people love!

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Inspired by Verdi's grand opera Rigoletto, Gaddafi favors a plush red corduroy jester costume with a bold blue design and stripes.  The matching fez is de rigueur and shows the flair that has made Gaddafi a fashionista to be reckoned with! The perfect ensemble for entertaining.

Inspired by both Michael Jackson and Napoleon Bonaparte, here the Libyan leader mixes a traditional military style with a postcard stapled to his chest.

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Perfect as a smoking jacket or for just a quiet day in his tent, this purple satin leisure suit gives the Libyan leader that relaxed, playful look that we all wish to emulate. Wouldn't you just die to get a personal guided tour of his walk-in closet!
C'est la vie! Here's that Bohemian look that bon vivant Gaddafi loves.  Earth tones and his favorite black wool beret and he's off for an apéritif on the Champs-Élysées!
Have you ever wanted to just disappear?  For those days when he wants to go "incognito," the dark blue sweater, black sunglasses and fez are set off nicely by the white cotton-polyester Brooks Brothers shirt and the brown blanket.
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  1. Hilarious
    Loving his earth tones and INCOGNITO lol

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