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Muslim Persecution of Egyptian Coptic Christians

Blood-stained mural of Jesus at Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, after New Year's Day service massacre of Coptic Christians by Muslims.
“There were bodies on the street,” said Sherif Ibrahim to a New York Times reporter. “Hands, legs, stomachs. Girls, women, and men.” That was the scene outside the Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, as the New Year’s Mass ended on January 1, 2011. Twenty-one Christian Copts were killed by a suicide bomber--and at least 96 were wounded.

Christians around the world should demand that their governments force Egypt to stop persecuting Coptic Christians!

Muslim violence against Christians in Egypt is common

Muslim violence against the Coptic Orthodox minority is a common occurrence in Egypt, but Diaa Rashwan of the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies said of the attack, “This is a new method. It has Al Qaeda features. I think it was a group of Egyptians who were planning this for a while.”

This attack is one of many on members of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church by Muslims. According to a study made by Ibn Khaldoun Research Center, over 240 major attacks on Copts took place between 1972 and 2003.

In the village of Kusheh, in 1980, an argument between a Muslim customer and a Copt shop owner led to violent anti-Christian riots. Around 20 people, primarily Christians, were killed and 44 injured. Muslims torched 20 buildings and several vehicles. Coptic Bishop Wissa told the BBC that the looting and burning of Christian property spread to four additional villages. The Bishop said that “barbaric people carrying rifles went on a rampage and started firing at Christian shops and Christian houses” at the conclusion of church services.

Please watch the below video. In it Muslim converts to Christianity are under threat of death and running for their lives in Egypt.

Christians, the below statement by the Egyptian ambassador is misinformation and propaganda. Please watch the report to see how a violent premeditated attack on Christians is spun to be an attack on "all Egyptians." Christians are being terrorized in Egypt--that is a fact!

Below is a report on how seven young Christians were murdered in Nag Hamadi by Muslims on Coptic Christmas in 2010. Please watch.

Egyptian Muslim persecution of Christians is institutionalized

In an article in Catholic Online, Mounir Bishay writes that many colleges impose a quota on Copts of 1 or 2% while Copts are about 15% of Egypt’s population. The education system that stretches from elementary to college called Al Azhar is funded by all tax-paying Egyptians, yet Copts are not allowed as students, teachers or administrators.

In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Moheb Zaki writes that Al Azhar has published “a pamphlet declaring the Bible a corrupted document and Christianity a pagan religion.” Zaki cites the text book for high school students used by Al Azhar. The killing of a Muslim is punishable by death; however, if a Muslim were to kill a non-Muslim, he cannot be executed because the “superior cannot be punished for killing the inferior” (p. 146). The text book also says that no non-Muslim can be a superior to a Muslim at work or anywhere else (p. 205).

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Bishay writes that Copts in Egypt are prohibited from many positions, including important police and security jobs, mayors, police chiefs, deans of colleges, presidents of universities and jobs in the diplomatic corps.

Below is raw footage of Egyptian police shouting "Allah Akbar" as they attack Coptic Christians and their church.

Blood-stained door of Coptic Church in Alexandria.
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