Monday, January 17, 2011

Dr. Eduard Bloch: Adolf Hitler’s Jewish Doctor

History is much stranger than fiction ever can be. No matter how offbeat or strange, non-fiction packs a wallop that a novel simply cannot. Consider this: Adolf Hitler, in 1937, when in the midst of his persecution of German Jews, had warm words to say about his old Jewish doctor in Linz, Eduard Bloch--to Austrian Nazis of all people. And after the Anschluss of Austria in March of 1938, while riding in a motorcade through the crowded streets of his Austrian hometown of Linz, he peered up to look at the window of his old Jewish doctor's office--which he hadn't been to in 30 years.

Below is a drawing of Adolf Hitler by a school friend when he was 16 and a patient of Dr. Bloch's. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. The photo below the drawing is one of Dr. Bloch sitting in his examining room in Linz. It was taken by a representative of the office of Rudolf Hess in 1938 for Hitler's private photo collection. The original caption explained that the Fuehrer often sat in the chair next to Dr. Bloch's desk. This photo is from the Federal Archive of Germany.

It was in 1937 that Adolf Hitler had several Nazi party members from his hometown of Linz, Austria, as guests at his Alpine villa at Bechtesgaden.

He asked for news. How was the city? Did he have political support in Linz? Then he asked about Dr. Eduard Bloch. Was he alive, still practicing? Then he said something that shocked his Austrian Nazi guests.

“Dr. Bloch,” said the Fuehrer, “is an Edeljude--a noble Jew. If all Jews were like him, there would be no Jewish question...


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