Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Criminal Mind in Fritz Lang’s Thriller “M”

Released in 1931, Fritz Lang's "M" was the film that made Peter Lorre a star and is considered the father of film noir.  Above is a photo of Lorre as child killer Hans Beckert discovering that he is literally a marked man.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. Below is a photo of Lorre from the powerful courtroom scene.  Below that is the brilliant and controversial German actor Gustav Grundgens as Shraenker, the criminal underworld leader that helped capture the "Kinder Moerder" (all photos: Nerofilm Productions).

Serial child killer Hans Beckert and crime boss Schränker are both criminals--with two very different personalities and methods. Peter Lorre stars as Beckert.
Director Fritz Lang’s “M” (1931) is about a psychotic serial child killer and the simultaneous attempts by police and the criminal underworld to track him down and capture him...

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